The BLUE MAX Mustang II Funny Car

2013 Appearance / Race Dates 
and Locations

May 25, 2013  -  Dyno Dom's Skieston Raceway, Sikeston, MO
July 14, 2013 - "The Cars That Time Forgot" Car Show, Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan, WI
August 17, 2013 - Wisconsin International Raceway, Kaukauna, WI
August 31, 2013 - Dyno Dom's Skieston Raceway, Sikeston, MO

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The Blue Max has been known as one of the most famous funny cars in the history
because of the performance, innovation, and showmanship of the crew.

This car has won numerous national events including the Nationals at Indy.
The number of yearly events they've participated in is second to none.
Blue Max has performed in Europe and throughout the United States.

This funny car was restored a a tribute to Raymond Beadle, Harry Schmidt,
and Fred Miller.  These three men are a large part of what drag racing is today!

Although the chassis was destroyed, this is the actual Blue Max Mustang body.
The bodywork and paint was done by crew members through weeks of work.

There are no sponsors involved with Blue MAx at this time - the crew does
it all.  We focus on fun and fans.  The racing program I have is based on
self improvement.  We're always glad to associate ourselves with the fans
both young and old.  Everyone seems to relate to the Blue Max name
and we are proud to bring back a touch of the "good old days".

Our performance is based on doing the best we possibly can - safely.

If we are ever at a track near you, please stop by and say hi.  We always
have time to chat.

                             Mike Boisvert



In the world of drag racing today,
there are few nostalgia Funny Cars left in circulation.

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Mike Boisvert and the restoration of the Original BLUE MAX Mach II Funny Car

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Special Thanks to the legendary Chi-Town Hustler Team and Great Lakes Dragway for this cool photo opp together!  2006



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Mike Boisvert / Owner & Driver
Dieter Sturm / Business Manager

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